The work of Gabrielle Ward represents a convergence of existential thought with a medium traditionally thought of in terms of the expression of visual stimuli. Often compared with the paradigm of Mark Rothko.

Gabrielle's work draws on Rothko's elements, but adds a strong textural element built through layer upon layer of paint, often removed then re-applied to give a sense of history to the painting. 

For this reason, the works are not ideally suited to digital image format or web page display, as neither of these mediums can convey a true sense of depth.  The overall quality of the original picture is reduced, none the less, the gratifying, but sometimes disturbing, nature of the art is still evident.

This art gallery consists of a free gallery of abstract art, that often represents a form of abstract expressionism.  Mostly created in the medium of oil paintings which are displayed as thumbnail gallery through which, pictures can then be selected and viewed in greater detail by either clicking on the image, or clicking on its title.  Some pictures are similar in style to those of famous artists, but none the less represent a distinct style and character. 

Most of the paintings and drawings displayed on this site are for sale, please contact us email at

We hope you enjoy this site, Gabrielle Ward.